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Mentorship Program

Includes: 3mo ULTIMATE PLAN
Chart Set Up
: Review of Indicators and Chart Settings & Applications
Pre Market Analysis for Intraday Set Up
Pre Day & Swing Trade Analysis Set Up
ThinkorSwim Automation
Butterfly MasterClass: 

How to trade Butterfly Spreads for Income:
What is a Butterfly Spread
Understanding Butterfly Spreads
Top symbols for trading Butterfly Spreads
Butterfly Spread Best Practices

Strategy #1 - Delta Neutral Butterfly
Strategy #2 - Directional Butterfly
Strategy #3 - Broken-wing ButterflyStrategy #4 *Includes the Weekly Income SPX Broken Wing Butterly Spread Trade

Batman Butterfly Trade Workshop

ThinkorSwim Automation for Advanced Strategies

BI WEEKLY GROUP MEET UP:  Direct Strategy Sessions Specific to Your Needs. 
+2 One on One Coaching Sessions

Not Financial Advice

Bullseye / Wave

Normally $2950


(Save $550)

Wave & Bullseye Indicators 

**The Wave:**

**Trend Master:** Identifies strong trends and capitalizes on momentum shifts.
**Breakout Hunter:** Pinpoints consolidation phases for potential trend breakouts.
**False Breakout Foe:** Warns against impulsive entries with internal safeguards.
**Customizable Comrade:** Tailors colors and settings to your trading style.
**Confidence Booster:** Intuitive design empowers traders of all levels.

**The Bullseye:**

**Momentum Magnet:** Identifies favorable market conditions for entry.
**Precision Sniper:** Provides pinpoint entry points for optimal timing.
**Risk Management Guru:** Offers clear stop-loss levels to minimize losses.
**Profit Pathfinder:** Suggests realistic profit targets for disciplined exits.

**Market Maestro:** Adapts to various instruments like stocks, currencies, and crypto.

Not Financial Advice

Ultimate PLUS

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 (Save $3585)


Mentorship Program 


Not Financial Advice



Bill Yearly $690

Save $138/year

3-6 Daily Option Day Trades

3-6 Futures Day Trades /NQ - /MNQ

2-4 Daily Option Swing Trades 

Not Financial Advice



Bill Yearly $990

Save $198/year

2-4 Daily Option Swing Trades 

Daily 0 DTE SPX Credit Spread Trade

Global Cell Phone Text Service

No Premium Discord

Not Financial Advice



Billed Yearly $1490

Save $298/year

*Plus 1 Coaching Session Save $229

Total Yearly Savings $597

*Get the BASIC PLAN and ....


0 DTE SPX Credit Spread Trades -Advanced Algorithmic Analysis Strategy

3-6 Day Trades Specific to SPX/SPY & Small Acct Challenges

Daily Live Trading & Training 9:15 EST

Weekly Watchlist - Stocks & Options Full Analysis Report w/entry triggers & targets.

TMS TRADE ACADEMY Education Server, Indicators, Strategies, Trade Plans & More..

TRADYTICS Full Suite Option Flow Channels

TRADYTICS AI Prediction Trade Alerts

GEXBOT SPX - Dynamic Market Makers Support & Resistance Levels

Gamma Levels All Tickers & All Expire Dates

SPX Prediction Bot

Access to help while learning & trading

Strategy Sessions with Sandra

Not Financial Advice



Billed Yearly $1790

Save $358/year

*Plus 2 Coaching Session Save $598

Total Yearly Savings $956

*Get the PREMIUM PLAN and.....

Global Cell Phone Text Service for SWING TRADES & 0 DTE SPX TRADES sent to your cell phone

Not Financial Advice

Trading Made Simple Gives You Everything You Need To Be a Successful, Profitable, Trader…

Trader Tools, Indicators, Alerts, Automation, Strategies and Education!

Trade Alerts

Excellent, profitable trade alerts unlock hidden opportunities, enabling you to make calculated trades based on reliable insights, potentially boosting your returns and minimizing risk.

Live Trading & Training


Build confidence: Live execution translates training into tangible market success.

Online Courses

TMS Trade Academy: Master the art of trading with comprehensive education: Gain the knowledge, skills, and strategies to navigate the market with confidence, backed by proven methodologies. Beginner to Advanced.

Trade Analysis & Watchlists

Expert-curated daily and weekly watchlists with deep-dive chart analysis, empowering informed trading decisions based on comprehensive, vetted insights.


Gain the edge over market makers: Predict price action with our data-driven insights into their gamma positioning for SPX & all listed equities.

Trade Automation

Neutralize fear and greed: Let automation enforce discipline, ensuring decisions are driven by logic, not emotions.

Option Flow AI

AI-powered trade forecasting: Our cutting-edge AI tools analyze volume and order flow to pinpoint high-probability trade setups before they take off.

ThinkorSwim Indicators

Stop trading in the dark! Our Unique ThinkorSwim scripts shine a light on market movements, conquer price action, support/resistance, trends, and pivots like never before.

Surf trends with The Wave, its intuitive design predicting breakouts while shielding you from false signals. Customize it to your style, trade with confidence.

Bullseye, your laser-focused partner, pinpoints entries, exits, and clear stop-losses. Realistic targets unlock opportunities across markets.

Unleash hidden potential. Trade with precision. (Additional Cost)

Elevate Your Skills, Craft Winning Strategies, Build Confidence: Dive deeper into personalized mentorship, cultivate profitable strategies, and navigate market challenges with expert support in our intensive bi weekly Mentor sessions. 

(Additional Cost)

Unlock Your Trading Potential, One Hour at a Time: Personalized sessions designed to accelerate your progress. Choose your focus, get screen-shared expertise, and review a recording to solidify your learning.

(Additional Cost)

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